Advantages of a hiring a digital expert

As most people would know the digital landscape is rapidly changing, no longer can brick and mortar businesses be able to survive on word of mouth and newspaper advertising alone. As
Gary Vaynerchuck nicely summarises you need to place your business where people’s attention is.


According to a lot of people and the declining sales of printed media, the general public are turning to online sources more often to find the products and services they are looking for. For any other Queenslanders needing a hand check out AKAP on the following link. SEO expert Brisbane (or check them out on YouTube)


The main main benefit of making your business available online is that it it’s findability hugely increases. People are able to look up your business and find information about what you are selling at any time of the day. This is usually done by creating a website for the business. There are a lot of design firms that can help businesses create websites.


The next step to having a website is the advertising part. The page is there to deliver the information and how you have to make it appear where people are going. There are multiple channels where this is occurring. Some of the more popular ones are sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube. There are also applications similar to websites that double as an advertising platform, two popular examples are Instagram and Snapchat.

It’s important to keep in mind that some of these social networks that can generate great publicity for your website, can also be just a fad or have only temporary popularity. An excellent example are some of the earlier versions of social networks such as Friendster and MySpace.


Advertising on these social networks must be done tastefully, remember people are looking at these websites not specifically for the advertisements, they’re there more for the content that people generate. A popular choice of ad format is an educational ad, this is an advertisement that educates you and gives you value for free before even trying to sell you anything. Advertisements in this style generally have better click through rates.


It’s still possible to display an ad that has more of a hardsell to it, they can be effective too. The best way to find out what works the best is to test a lot of different formats of ads and experiment with different pictures and text. That way you’ll start to see which one is getting the most clicks and is converting better.


In conclusion there are no one hundred percent solid facts of how to make ads convert better, there are only guides and heuristics which are indeed very helpful. Every campaign launched will need decent experimentation if find what works the best.

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