Best Sydney 6 Week Body Challenge Shares Tips for Minimising Soreness after Workouts

Enjoying a good workout is one thing. However, you will probably have learned by now that the effects of an after-work out can erase such enjoyment, or definitely minimize it. This after-effect of a good workout on the body – pain and soreness – is often a big factor that can deter you from taking up regular personal training. Below are a few tips that will help you to reduce and avoid such soreness:

Why soreness sets in

Whenever you try out a new exercise or indulge in some demanding body movements after a long period of time, you will be prone to an attack of DOMS or onset of delayed muscle soreness. It is a common condition and definitely not a pleasant one. Your limbs will feel weak and a bit rubbery – definitely something you did not feel when enjoying the workout.  The endorphins that peaked in your body while working out at The Dangerously Fit 6 Body Week Challenge are now wearing off – leading to a feeling of shakiness and soreness that will set in the next 24 hours.

Keep moving

Because of the feeling of soreness and stiffness experienced after a workout you might feel like taking it easy the next day and just sit around doing nothing. This will not help. What you need to do is some light exercising which will help to improve your circulation and relieve some of the stiffness. 

If you had a heavy workout the previous day, you could try doing a few yoga exercises or light cardio or some weight loss workouts. Exercising with a foam roller can also prove beneficial.  By keeping your body in movement mode, the next time you attend the class you will find the after effects of soreness minimized. 

Also, remember to go through a cool down routine after each workout. Using the foam roller and doing a few stretching exercises will help to ease any knotting of the muscles and keep the connecting tissues in more flexible mode. 

After-work out nutrients

Your body needs to be refueled after each workout.  Protein intake is important. Items like brown rice, whey etc. will help to repair any strained muscles.  Smoothies containing cherry juice, almond milk and powdered chocolate protein act as anti-inflammatory aids and help in the repair process. 

Also, keep in mind the importance of re-hydrating your body after a workout. Water is critical for muscle repair. It helps to improve circulation and burn fat, plus it provides the required oxygen needed by the muscles.  

When you exercise you sweat and such loss of water from the body needs to be replaced. A good check to see whether you have ingested enough water after exercising is to see if your urine is pale yellow in color. A dark yellow hue means you need more water.

Importance of sleep

Never underrate the importance of a good night’s sleep especially after working out. You need to get a good 7 hours sleep for your body to recover. The quality of sleep is also important. You can do this by making sure the bedroom is not open to undue noise and the lighting is subdued. Any intake of fluids before sleeping should be taken about an hour before actually retiring.

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