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How to boost website traffic

How To Boost Website Traffic To Ezine Articles: The Complete Guide

By Joseph Richmond
Expert Author Joseph Richmond

To boost a website’s ranking in search engines has become a hassle with the latest algorithmic updates. And with no SEO expert team, a website will absolutely drop off of the first search engine result page in the midst of a competitive market. That’s why most content creators try many ways to drive traffic and build a reputation.

One of the most proven ways involves writing fresh articles and publishing them in article directories, including a link to the website you need to draw the reader’s attention to. Visitors interested in the written content will definitely feel their appetites whetted, and then visit the source included (either below the fold or in the resource box).

Most expert writers affirm that the top article directory platform is Ezine Articles. It drives interested and quality readers and traffic, which is a smart way to rank a website.

How to boost website traffic to your Ezine Articles?

This site is considered the leading article directory, which delivers incredible results. All you need to do is to come up with unique articles where you seek the reader’s impression.

Submission tips:

Before submitting any articles, and for a successful start, you as a writer need to consider the following submission tips, including:

  • Take a look at the Ezine’s Editorial Guidelines in order for your article to get approved
  • Research the keywords used in the article, so you can meet what readers are interested in
  • Avoid mistakes to have a chance for your article to get promoted to the platinum status once you’ve published 10 articles
  • Promote your written content
  • Submit quality content as often as possible, and if you have no publishing issues, your articles will be published on the homepage for maximum exposure. Just don’t forget to include an author photo!

How to promote your written content:

Writing unique articles only is not enough, that’s why additional efforts on promoting your articles are needed, which includes:

Link to your articles from your sites
From other articles, link to your articles
In the e-newsletter you own, include links to your articles
Try publishing in other known article directories
You may find your Ezine article ranking in Google – free traffic!

Alternative article directories to publish in:

There are too many Ezine Article alternatives out there, but the top ones are the following:

Article City

These alternatives do complete the publishing content in directories purpose but actually, they don’t drive as much quality traffic as EzineArticles does. So for great results, a content writer needs to focus on the top one.

For great returns, publishing articles on the Ezine Articles is the top choice to rank a website on high positions in search engines and engage interested and targeted traffic.

If you found this helpful, read about more strategies for boosting website traffic on – you guessed it, Ezine Articles. Also, be sure to check out Daniel Ditzhazy’s predictions (Los Angeles SEO Expert) on where the Google algorithm is headed so that you will stay ahead of the curve. Until next time, best of luck with your marketing.