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Advantages of a hiring a digital expert

As most people would know the digital landscape is rapidly changing, no longer can brick and mortar businesses be able to survive on word of mouth and newspaper advertising alone. As
Gary Vaynerchuck nicely summarises you need to place your business where people’s attention is.


According to a lot of people and the declining sales of printed media, the general public are turning to online sources more often to find the products and services they are looking for. For any other Queenslanders needing a hand check out AKAP on the following link. SEO expert Brisbane (or check them out on YouTube)


The main main benefit of making your business available online is that it it’s findability hugely increases. People are able to look up your business and find information about what you are selling at any time of the day. This is usually done by creating a website for the business. There are a lot of design firms that can help businesses create websites.


The next step to having a website is the advertising part. The page is there to deliver the information and how you have to make it appear where people are going. There are multiple channels where this is occurring. Some of the more popular ones are sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube. There are also applications similar to websites that double as an advertising platform, two popular examples are Instagram and Snapchat.

It’s important to keep in mind that some of these social networks that can generate great publicity for your website, can also be just a fad or have only temporary popularity. An excellent example are some of the earlier versions of social networks such as Friendster and MySpace.


Advertising on these social networks must be done tastefully, remember people are looking at these websites not specifically for the advertisements, they’re there more for the content that people generate. A popular choice of ad format is an educational ad, this is an advertisement that educates you and gives you value for free before even trying to sell you anything. Advertisements in this style generally have better click through rates.


It’s still possible to display an ad that has more of a hardsell to it, they can be effective too. The best way to find out what works the best is to test a lot of different formats of ads and experiment with different pictures and text. That way you’ll start to see which one is getting the most clicks and is converting better.


In conclusion there are no one hundred percent solid facts of how to make ads convert better, there are only guides and heuristics which are indeed very helpful. Every campaign launched will need decent experimentation if find what works the best.

The Latest Trend In Online Shopping: Mobile Domination

If you run a business that caters to consumers (as opposed to other businesses), you’re already aware of the importance of maintaining an online presence. You know that the Internet is invaluable to most modern consumers in researching their buying decisions and making actual purchases. The latest evolution in online business technology is a fundamental shift from desktop computers to mobile devices.
The Exponential Growth Of Mobile Shopping

Since the introduction of Apple’s iPhone, the adoption rate of “smart” phones and other mobile devices that make it easy to access the Internet has been explosive. Few other technologies have shown such a rapid advance in such a short time. Smartphones went from being luxurious curiosities to essential tools with a head-spinning quickness. When tablets appeared a few years later, they followed a similar growth curve.

Retailers and business owners who made some or all of their sales online watched this trend with interest, and for several years the question on everyone’s lips was, “when do we have to change our strategies to account for this?” The answer to that question has become quite clear: The time to start catering to mobile shoppers is now — if you haven’t started already.
The Tipping Point

The fundamental point where mobile visitors became more important than desktop visitors is hard to pin down, but one thing is certain: That point is in the past. eCommerce giant Shopify reported that the balance of mobile users vs desktop users going to online stores had shifted to favor mobile devices in 2014; Google reported a similar shift in online searches in 2016.

The implication here should be clear: If your online strategy doesn’t account for mobile customers, you may be in serious trouble. Even though mobile shopping still represents a smaller fraction of total dollars spent online — estimated to be one-quarter of all the money spent online this year — you don’t want to be left out in the cold as the mobile shopping economy continues to grow.
Takeaways For Business Owners

The question of how to best adjust to a mobile-heavy marketplace is really about how your marketing strategy needs to evolve. If you’re not already considering the needs of the mobile-using customer when you design your marketing tools you need to start doing so. Updating your sales funnel and your buying mechanisms to simplify things for mobile users will start paying serious dividends as soon as you do it.

You’ll want to bear in mind that the ideal solution here isn’t to abandon desktop users for mobile shoppers. You need a strategy that caters to both. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do this both in terms of technical options (responsive websites and emails, for instance) and in terms of marketing tactics (specialized landing pages and sales funnels for customers using mobile devices). It does require more effort on your part, but the alternative is to miss out on potential customers.
With mobile browsing — and more importantly, mobile shopping — becoming increasingly dominant across all consumer sectors, today’s forward-thinking businesses aren’t just taking their companies online. They’re also taking them into the mobile space, and that’s exactly where you need to be going as well.

Fiber Optics For Faster Internet Speed

fibre optic

Fiber Optic data communication is a form of communication that sends data by light making use of cutting edge technology. It is a very fast internet connection when compared to other forms of data communication. Nowadays it has become one of the most popular forms of internet connection all over the world. ‘
Though fiber optics are generally faster than other forms of data connection, the performance of the service will depend heavily on your location. Typically, fiber optics will provide higher throughput and with the right configuration settings, fiber optics are superior.
In case a fiber optic cable exist in your locale, you can get good prices from other forms of internet such as DSL. Otherwise, fiber optic packages cost much more than other types of communications. However, if there is a monopoly the price will definitely be high regardless of the type of internet.
There are many benefits to using fiber optics as compared to other types of interne communication. One of these benefits is that fiber optics are reliable. Fiber optics do not go down in case of a power outage. It will also never receive interference form a power line or any electrical objects.  A company which helped with all the under ground works, including concrete cutting and the likes was Best Concrete Cutting Melbourne. They have work in the removal of many projects, as fibre optics run underground more often then not , concrete needs to be cut and applied. There video is below:

The other benefit, probably the most alluring of them all is the speed of the internet connection. Fiber optic technology can transfer data at very high speeds as compared to other types of data communication. This will mean that there will be faster download and upload speeds. It is also safer in that it does not involve electricity and thus there are less risks associated with it. It doesn’t have to as expensive as people think either. With the right contractors on the job , it can be be effective and cost affordable. Once again we have to mention the cutting and core drilling experts website : , as they have been so helpful in guiding us and helping us through the construction and how it actually all works.

Please contact them in regards to anything to do with this type of project because they know the work inside out . For more information on them core drilling services.

As a user, you will receive your own dedicated connection which you do not have to share with any other person. This means that your information is less likely to fall into the hands of another person as with other internet connections like DSL. A fiber connection also poses a greater difficulty to hack.
Fiber networks have become the main way in which information is transmitted over long distances. This is mainly because unlike their counterparts, they have a higher bandwidth and less attenuation. They also have little to zero interference since there exist no crosstalk between optical fibers unlike the case with copper cables.
Optical fibers may be used in various fields. A good example of one of these is the medical field. The first proper application of fiber optics involved medical gadgets whose aim is to peer into the human body without having to cut it open. Nowadays, we have lab on a fiber whereby a hair thin fiber optic cable containing inbuilt sensors is inserted into a person’s body. By measuring the light changes in these cables, a doctor can make informed medical conclusions.
They may also be used in broadcasting. Their little or no interference makes them a perfect choice when it comes to broadcasting. They are preferred because they provide the consumer with a better signal in both sound and picture quality and boost the signal so it can travel over very long distances.

The Importance Of Internet Marketing In Business


Internet marketing has become the most efficient way of increasing your brand’s exposure and also increase business revenue. The web has become a reliable platform where consumers can acquire what they need information, goods, and even services. That is why this modern way of marketing is vital for any retail, networking or affiliate marketing business. With internet marketing, you can be able to increase your website traffic using internet marketing tools such as SEO, social networking, link building, and pay-per-click campaigns also known as PPC.

Why Is Internet Marketing Important For Online Businesses?

1. The reason why internet marketing is important for your business is that this form of advertising is less expensive that traditional ways of advertising. You can spend a lot of money on tradition advertising methods such as billboards, radio, and even television. However, with internet marketing, you can spend less money and expect high or more returns on your investment.

2. Besides the benefit of reduced cost of advertising, internet marketing also gives you the privilege of tracking your leads and sales as well. You will be able to get vital information about your business such as what drives more traffic to your website and the number of sales you make. With this information, you can improve your future marketing campaigns and be able to meet the expectations of your audience.

4. Another reason why Internet marketing is important is that it gives you an opportunity to build relationships with potential customers. By building business relationships with customers, you increase your chances of getting new leads through referrals. You can start connecting with your customers by keeping them updated through emails and also by conducting a follow up after every transaction to make sure that the customers are satisfied.

5. The importance of internet marketing in business is to stay ahead of other competitors. If you are not investing in this new digital way of advertising, then you should because you are competitors are doing it. However, make sure that you internet marketing campaign is much more effective to outshine other brands.

6. Branding is also vital for online business and with internet marketing you can be able to achieve this without any problems. With the use of online campaigns, you can improve your brand’s ranking. This will make your brand look professional, and it will attract more customers. As a result, you will be able to generate more revenue for your business.

7. Another advantage of internet marketing is that you can use the social network to grow your business. Today, most people spend their leisure time on the social networks such as Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube. By being able to reach out to your target audience using these platforms, you can increase your website traffic and exposure.


Internet marketing also gives you the privilege of changing your marketing campaign to meet the expectations of your customers. Furthermore, these form of marketing is flexible since you can monitor the progress of your brand using various online tools and minor adjustments where necessary.